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St. Gerard’s curriculum is organized around the basic subjects of Religion, Reading, Writing, and Mathematics. It also includes courses in English, Social Studies, Science, Art, Music, Physical Fitness, and Computer Education. In addition, opportunities for community building and service to others are provided and encouraged.

The school follows a course of instruction issued by the Superintendent of Schools for the Lansing Diocese, and is in accord with State requirements for all elementary schools in Michigan. St. Gerard School is fully accredited by the Michigan Association of NonPublic Schools. If you’re interested in learning more about St. Gerard School, view our information for prospective families.

June 2015 Newsletter

June 2015 Newsletter Click on the link below to access important information regarding summer activities and the upcoming school year. June 2015 Newsletter

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Eighth Grade Presents Pencil/Pen Hall of Fame

The Pencil/Pen Hall of Fame contains writing tools and unique responses from well-known people who use writing in their every day lives. Each year, 8th graders get a variety of responses from celebrities like Stephen King, Maria Shriver, Michael Phelps, and Beverly Clearly. This year’s responses included Michelle Obama and the office of JK Rowling. …

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