About Us

About Us

St. Gerard School is a Catholic elementary school with an enrollment of 560 in grades Pre-K through Eight. St. Gerard has a proud tradition of excellence. Students at St. Gerard learn how to develop their physical, moral and intellectual skills to prepare themselves for future success.

Our school provides a unique setting where students are instructed in human knowledge and skills, presented in an atmosphere of Christian principles characterized by love, respect, and understanding.

The curriculum at St. Gerard is organized around the basic subjects of religion, language arts, and mathematics. It also includes courses in science, social studies, art, music, physical fitness and technology education.

If you are interested in joining our St. Gerard family,
please contact Michelle Piecuch, Principal

Mission Statement


St. Gerard School, in partnership with family and church, provides a Catholic education that focuses on faith, academics, and service while living and sharing the light of Christ.

“Living and Sharing the Light of Christ”


St. Gerard’s curriculum is organized around the basic subjects of Religion, Reading, Writing, and Mathematics. It also includes courses in English, Social Studies, Science, Art, Music, Physical Fitness, and Technology Education. In addition, opportunities for community building and service to others are provided and encouraged. The school follows a course of instruction issued by the Superintendent of Schools for the Lansing Diocese, and is in accord with State requirements for all elementary schools in Michigan. St. Gerard School is fully accredited by the MNSAA.

Please visit our Curriculum page for specific grades.

St. Gerard School
4433 W. Willow
Lansing, MI 48917

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