Category: Highlight of the Month

Peace Poster Contest Winners!

An example of one of our 6th graders that won the Peace Poster Contest through the Delta-Waverley Rotary Club. Way to use the talents that God has given you!

So Grateful!

The Thanksgiving Kindergarten Feast is a great reminder of the history of this great holiday. Today’s All School Mass was a wonderful lesson in being thankful for what we have and the blessings we have been given as students, teachers, parents, staff, priests etc. What a blessing it is to be a part of this …

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Operation Christmas Child Service

Over 40 of our junior high students stayed after school last week to help Mario Migaldi fulfill a wish he had to bring “Operation Christmas Child” to St. Gerard School. In the past National Junior Honor Society has worked with this organization to provide a few boxes for children across the globe, but this year …

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Fun in Math Class!

Our 8th graders had fun learning about coordinate planes by playing Battleship. See Algebra is fun!

“This is Falcon Country”

If you haven’t been to a pep rally at St. Gerard School, you have really missed out! Think about 536 students cheering each other on and you get the picture. Congratulations to all of the volleyball teams, junior cougar football, cross country and golf teams. All of you make us proud!

A Choir Loft with a View

What an honor for our choir to be asked to sing at the Diocesan All Schools Mass on Wednesday, October 14th. Pictured is truly a bird’s eye view from the choir loft. If you look real close, you can see our 6th graders that represent our school each year at this mass!

“We Believe”…in Fr. John!

October is Pastor Appreciation Month. This past week the whole school joined in signing a card and sending gratitude for all that Fr. John does for our students and our school. Fr. John provides Masses at our level, participates in prayer services, blesses crosses, role plays reconciliation, blesses us before trips and plays in crazy …

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Happy Birthday Mary!

On September 8th the 1st graders made pictures for Mary’s birthday. At the end of the day, Mrs. Iding’s class took the pictures to the Rosary Garden to help Mary celebrate her special day. They stopped by the statue of Mary, showed her the pictures and then sang “Happy Birthday” softly like a prayer. We …

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Fr. John and Fr. David Bless the 1st Grade Mass Crosses!

It’s become a very special tradition at St. Gerard School. The first graders wear crosses to mass and at the beginning of the year Fr. John comes to bless their mass crosses. These pictures show Fr. John and Fr. David blessing the crosses of the first grade class. The first graders gather in a prayer …

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Second Graders!

A few of our second graders taking some time to learn their math facts in the technological age! Guess what? They go “old school” on many days and practice with flash cards too! Whatever it takes!