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Child Care



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Preschool to 6th Grade

Focus on developing the whole child spiritually, socially, physically, cognitively, creatively, and emotionally to gain and build on new experiences and skills. Facilitate a balance between child directed and teacher supported interactions where children can explore their interests and engage with their peers. Time allotted for physical activity outside every day, weather permitting, and homework with experienced staff to assist.

Open to children attending St. Gerard

Entrance Age – 3 years by Sept. 1 Full Day Care – 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

The Environment

  • Provide an environment that is safe and caring that is balanced with our Preschool Program. Provide age and individual developmentally appropriate early childhood experiences.

The Families

  • Maintain and encourage open communication with families to provide consistent care between home and Child Care.

The Staff

  • Students are kept to a low student-teacher ratio with caring, dedicated, experienced staff.


  • Opportunity to interact with the St. Gerard School Community
  • An enriched environment that will unlock creativity, develop independence, and self esteem
  • An atmosphere were comfort and learning are the norm and caring and safety are priority
  • The benefit of being associated with St. Gerard School and a program with a long standing history of success

Experiencing the joy of a child care center in a Catholic community that is safe, organized, and compassionate. Within the Christian environment, students will recognize God’s goodness in themselves and others.



Preschool and Childcare Handbook