New Recycling Projects Coming to St. Gerard

Recycling has always been a priority at St. Gerard Catholic School. Recycling is important to conserve the Earth’s resources. By recycling, St. Gerard can help to reduce its carbon footprint and provide a good example to our students. The Thursday junior high elective class, Environmental Issues, empties the recycling bins of each classroom into the Paper Gator weekly. Afterwards they learn about how to be environmentally conscious. They also recycle Elmer’s glue sticks and bottles by sending them back at the end of the year. As you can imagine, our preschool uses many glue sticks and being able to recycle them is a blessing. Our art teacher, Mrs. Barber, is going to use old markers to make paint for next year. Starting in a few weeks, the styrofoam lunch trays will be recycled. Based on the picture, you can see already what a big difference this will make. These projects and more are a huge step for St. Gerard School to reduce its carbon footprint! It also helped us earn the “Emerald School” designation to be awarded during the month of April!

Submitted by: Matthew Burns, Jack Wolfe, Tyler Hamel, and Dillon Beaton