March Newsletter

Website: March 13, 2014
Jeans Day on Friday, March 28th! Donations accepted for our Lenten Mission (see newsletter)

Enrollment/Registration for 2014-15 We only have a few current family registrations that need to be turned in. We are so excited to welcome new families in a number of our grades as well as many new families in preschool and kindergarten. Please remember that financial aid information is due to PSAS no later than Monday, March 17th. In order to be considered for financial aid through St. Gerard School, families need to submit their information through PSAS. Forms are available at Forms must be postmarked no later than March 17th. Each year there are families that would have received aid had they taken the time to submit their information.

Did You Hear the Great News? For the fifth year in a row St. Gerard School has a student that has placed in the Earth Day Poster Contest through the Department of Environmental Quality. This year’s poster contest received well over 4,500 entries, which is the largest number in the history of the contest! Congratulations to Ellie Kooney in Mrs. Mills’ fifth grade for taking 1st place in the state of Michigan. Way to go Ellie!
The following sixth grade students published poems in Creative Communications:
Mia Abdullah, Stewart Alvarado, Ethan Bassila, Kate Bellgowan, Nate Brodeur, Nathan Daust, Katelyn DeRose, Maggie Glence,r Lauren Hanes,Lauren Hicks, Addison Johns,  Frank Jones,  Matthew Koren,  Katie Kramer,  Lillian LaCross,  Ian McDonald,  Susie Naccarato,  Ronith Naguri,  Todd Naylor,  Charlie Nylander, Brooke Paradine,  Erin Prince,  Ellie Rentz,  John Robinson,  Ruth Root,  Josh Rule,  Emme Rush,  Max Sanford,  Emily Sherry,  Brianna Shook,  Ally Simon,  Jaden Theis, and Jake Totte

Sophia Weitzel is moving up in the Knights of Columbus free throw contest. Sophia made 19 out of 25 free throws for her age group (13 yr.) at regionals, which were held at St.Patrick’s in Brighton. Congratulations to Mikayla Sanford and Declin Beaton, who also represented St. Gerard at regionals. Sophia will now compete at the state level on March 23rd in Mt. Pleasant. Good luck, Sophia!

Congratulations are also in order to Elizabeth Root and her team (Patricia and Anthony Root) at the Delta Library’s Battle of the Books. Their team tied for first place. If you have not ever participated in this event, it is a great one! A great way to spend the winter months!


All parents participating in the Kroger Community Rewards Program must re-enroll during the month of April. This will ensure that St. Gerard School continues to earn money during the 2014/2015 school year. To re-enroll, visit Click on “Michigan”, then click on “Enroll”.

Lenten Plans

In our homily on Ash Wednesday, Fr. Paul spoke to the students about the three traditional pillars of Lent: prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. He asked the students about their plans and you should have heard their responses! Some examples of our students’ plans include giving up sweets, not complaining, and giving up a toy and then giving it to someone else.

Prayer draws us closer to God. How can you add a little more prayer to your life? Some people turn off the radio on the way to school and say a prayer. In the midst of the craziness sometimes the prayer is simply, “come holy spirit”. This simple prayer can truly make a difference.

Fasting, simply put, is the opposite of feasting. By experiencing “hunger” in our fasting, we become more closely in touch with those who have little. What are you planning to “give up” or “not feast”? This leads to the final practice: almsgiving.

Almsgiving is a sign of our care for those in need and an expression of our gratitude for all that God has given to us. What can we do for those in need? In your Thursday communicator, we included a Rice Bowl to help with this tradition in particular. Place the Rice Bowl in a place where you and your family can put in a quarter, penny, or dollar. Allow this to be part of your family’s giving of alms. At the conclusion of Lent, send either the Rice Bowl back or place in an envelope to the school. Our mission committee will then donate the money to charities near and far. We will send some of the alms to Friends of Kenyan Orphans, Operation Rice Bowl, and to Fr. Prabhu’s family in India. Many of you are aware that Fr. Prabhu’s brother had a serious accident and the family is in need of financial resources to help with his care. We will add our alms to those already given through the parish.

May your Lenten journey draw you even closer to the miracle that will happen at Easter!

Staff News

Over the course of the year, I take many people on tours of our school and inevitably the question comes up regarding the longevity of our teachers on staff. Prospective parents are shocked when I tell them the number of teachers that have been here over twenty, twenty-five, and yes, thirty years. A teacher that stays at the same school for that significant amount of time demonstrates many things but above all a love for our school. Mrs. Rzepecki recently sent the email below to our faculty and staff, and then she asked that I share it with our entire St. Gerard School family.

My Dear St. Gerard Family,
God has plans for each of us. They are not always what we planned for or want. It brings me no joy to tell you that I will not be returning to teach at St. Gerard School. After 34 years of so many blessings, God has decided it is time for me to be done and to retire. My new physical limitations make it impossible for me to continue in the classroom.

For 34 years, it has been my joy and privilege to love and teach all of your children at St. Gerard School. I will still see all of you at Mass and church functions. I will pray for all of you and ask that you keep me in your prayers.

May God bless you all,

Beth Rzepecki

Mrs. Rzepecki has been a mainstay here at St. Gerard School. She has taught generations of families that have attended our school and over the years has been instrumental in mentoring many of our new teachers. Like many that have retired before her, no one ever really leaves St. Gerard. They always leave a piece of them with all of us!
We thank Mrs. Rzepecki for her years of service to our students and families at St. Gerard School.

Upcoming Events

Friday, March 14th: Junior High Band Festival

Monday, March 17th: Financial Aid must be postmarked today!

Tuesday, March 18th: DARE Graduation at 6:30 pm in Fr. Weber Hall/ Order hot lunch for April! Intramural Skills Testing for 3rd and 4th grade in the gym/Girls begin at 5:30/Boys begin at 6:30

Wednesday, March 19th: 5th grade field trip to LCHS

Thursday, March 20th: Preschool Field Trip to Royal Scot

Saturday, March 22nd: Back to School Expo at the Lansing Mall

Tuesday, March 25th: Last Day to Order Hot Lunch for April/Reconciliation for Grades 2, 3, 5, 6

Wednesday, March 26th: Reconciliation for Grades 4, 7, 8/Concert at the Wharton for 5th & 6th grade (sack lunch)

Thursday, March 27th: Kindergarten Roundup at 8:30 am/No School Kindergarten Only 3rd Grade Reading Projects in Fr. Weber Hall from 1-2 Registration for Summer Baseball and Softball in Fr. Weber Hall 6-8 pm

Friday, March 28th: End of 3rd Quarter/Jeans Day

Sunday, March 30th : Registration for Summer Baseball and Softball in Fr. Weber Hall 1-3 pm


Tuesday, April 1st: No Waverly PM Bus

Wednesday, April 2nd: No Waverly PM Bus/4th Grade Parent Chaperone Meeting for Camp at 6:30 in the library

Thursday, April 3rd: VIRTUS Training at 6:30 in the Parish Hall/Must Pre-Register at

Friday, April 4th: No Waverly AM or PM Buses/Spring Break begins at 2:40

Monday, April 14th: School Resumes/Feelin’ Good Mileage Club Begins!

Thursday, April 17th: Holy Thursday All School Prayer Service

Friday, April 18th: No School/No Childcare/Good Friday

Preparing for Earth Day Already!
In honor of Earth day coming up in April, the Junior High Environmental Elective in conjunction with the Junior High Art Elective would like to promote a school wide UPCYCLING project. They are asking every student in the school to recycle and bring in two magazines from home that may have otherwise been thrown away. Each grade will be doing a art project with the used magazines. We will be collecting the magazines from now until the end of March and the art projects will begin in April in time for celebrating Earth Day. We ask that you please be very mindful of the magazine selections coming to school. EVERY grade will be participating in the project so we ask that age appropriate materials be sent in for use.