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April 17, 2014

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Earn Tuition Assistance   St. Gerard School manages booths at both MSU men’s basketball and football games. This past year we have had families earn over $1,000 to help with their child’s tuition. Even if you can only work a few times, it can really make a difference. Not only are you earning tuition, it is also a great way to meet people from our school family and have some fun at the same time! If you are interested in receiving information, please email Sam Guerrazzi at stgstand4msu@yahoo.com. A huge thank you goes to Sam Guerrazzi and Marni Perez for overseeing this wonderful opportunity for our families!

Professional Development Professional development is a crucial part of a teacher’s growth throughout the year, during the summer and throughout their career. This year we have been able to offer the following opportunities for professional growth to our teachers and staff:

Love and Logic Summer Institute     Smartboard Training

MACUL Technology Conference               Apple Seminar

First Steps Training                           Michigan Reading Teachers Conference

Catholicism Series                             Diocese Teachers Conference

Red Cedar River Writing Project            Reflection on  New Evangelization

RCIA/Dynamic Catholic Book Study          Digital Learning Conference and many more!

Auction Proceeds Each year many of our families and greater community join together to raise money for our school through our annual auction. After much consideration and with the support of the PTO board, the school became the beneficiary of the following:

30 iPads for student use                                                                                           14 desktop computers to make the computer lab 1:1                                        3 power racks for iPads                                                                                            30 iPad covers                                                                                                         New lifeline system for use in the Art/Spanish Room                                        20 graphing calculators                                                                                 Teacher stipends at semesters                                                                                             $10,000 donation to Fr. Weber Fund                                                              $1,500 donation to our Music Program                                                       $15,000 toward our infrastructure build out to support our new fiber wi-fi

The faculty and staff are thankful to be part of such a supportive school and parish community! 

TRIP News   For the remainder of this school year, TRIP will take place in the school office for both Monday drop off and Friday pickup. Please note that pickup for this week will be on Thursday, between 1-3pm.  We will have TRIP on Tuesday of next week, with orders being ready on Friday.  PLEASE NOTE:  If you have recently changed your email address, please remember to update it on the TRIP website.

 Car Line and Parking Lot Manners

Periodically it is beneficial to go over a few “friendly” reminders regarding carline and parking lot manners.

1.     The car line actually moves quicker if all drivers could remain in a                 single file line and pull up as far as you can.

2.     If you are using the car line, please do not get out of your car. If                    you need to use your trunk or hatch, it might be best to pull in a                      spot in the lower west lot and have the students walk up the stairs and over.

3.     Students must get out of the car on the passenger side only.

4.     The parking spots by the ball fields are for child care parents only.              We are looking at plans to eventually move these spots to different            locations so that families don’t need to walk through the car line.

5.     This is NOT the time to be in a hurry. If you feel like you are                   trying to hurry through the car line or speeding through the parking lot, Do everyone’s child a favor (including yours) and leave 5 minutes earlier. This is a great time to put your faith into action too!

Please share this information with all people that drop off or pick up.


Calendar  After much discussion with the Diocese and number crunching our minutes, hours, and days for this school year, we will leave our original school calendar in tact. Our calendar had extra hours already built into it. Even with the extra three snow days (we are allowed six days by state guidelines), we still had additional instructional hours.

Upcoming Events

Friday, April 18th:       Good Friday/No School/Hot lunch ordering begins for  May/June

Monday, April 21st:  No School/Easter Monday

Tuesday, April 22nd:   First Communion Practice at 6:00 pm in the church                                        Earth Day Field trip for 4th grade (sack lunch)

Friday, April 25th:  Last day to order hot lunch for May-June                                                6th grade field trip to the synagogue

Saturday, April 26th:    First Communion at 10:00 am in the church                                                   8th grade Confirmation Retreat

Monday, April 28th:  5th and 8th grade Heart-Lung Dissection                                                        8th grade DC Parent Meeting at 6:30 in the 8th grade rooms

Tuesday, April 29th: 1st and 2nd grade Intramural Basketball Skills Testing from 5:30-7:30

Thursday, May 1st:     Spring Choir Concert at 6:30 in the Parish Hall               Friday, May 2nd:           All School Mass at 8:10/Adoration/Half Day Dismiss at                                    11:00/Junior High Parish Festival Dance(Must have permission slip)/Child Care Open

Saturday, May 3rd:    Parish Festival and 5K/Come have fun and support the parish!

Monday, May 5th:        7th grade DC Parent Meeting at 6:30 in 8th grade rooms Tuesday, May 6th:           8th graders present the Wax Museum in the Parish Hall at 6:30

Wednesday, May 7th:       4th grade off to camp! /Grade 3 Room 1 Field Trip (sack lunch)

Thursday, May 8th:   Grade 3 Room 2 Field Trip (sack lunch)

Friday, May 9th:             8th grade leaves for Washington DC/Meet in the gym at

6:15 am for prayer

Wednesday, May 14th:   4th grade Beginning Band Meeting at 6:30 pm in the

Band Room

Friday, May 16th:        2nd grade Field Trip to Woldumar Nature Center           Monday, May 19th:  8th grade Service Project Field Trip-Sack lunch          Tuesday, May 20th:     Band Concert at 6:30 pm at LCHS