History is alive and well at St. Gerard!

Eighth grade students showed us that the past is very much alive.  Each student researched and presented an event that happened during the time of the American Revolution but instead of a normal poster or power point these students wore T-shirts depicting and explaining their events.  Their T-shirts also showed the significance of the event – what impact did the Battle of Saratoga have?  Why is the Olive Branch Petition important?  The 8th grade students of St. Gerard know.  What’s more, throughout the day they were living examples of the impact of the past for their peers at school as well as other members of the community.  Brought together, these students created a valuable living timeline to remind us not only the power of our independence but also the power of our past.

Noreen Smith and Syringa Lounsberry show off their "homework" .

January Newsletter

stgerardlansing.org January 16, 2014
Our biggest “Box Tops” check yet! Over $4,000! Our music program thanks you!
Accreditation Process

While the school is currently working on its five-year plan through the parish, we concurrently are working on another plan through the Michigan Association of Non-Public School’s accreditation process. We recently finished our self-study report. Our report (a year in the making) involved the administration and staff looking at all areas of the school from climate, facilities, professional growth to safety, and certainly curriculum. Now that the self-study report is finished we prepare to welcome the site team on February 4th and 5th. Upon completion of this visit, the team will provide us with a guide to follow over the next five years. This document is addressed each spring and updated as changes are made.
Enrollment/Registration for 2014-15

Current family registration will begin the end of January with new family registration to start the end of Feb/beginning March. Packets will be sent home on February 6th in the Thursday envelopes. Please make every effort to return your registration as soon as possible. We have the wonderful problem of having some grades that are full and want to provide new families the opportunity of communicating their placement for the fall in a timely manner. As I take prospective families on tours of our school inevitably they tell me that one of our current families urged them to come. Word of mouth continues to be the best advertisement!
Lost and Found

The bin outside of the gym is filling up fast. Chances are likely that if your student is missing something it is probably there. Please take a look next time you are in the school to see if your “lost” item(s) can be “found”. Those items not “found” will be donated to St. Vincent de Paul soon.
Christmas Program DVD

Don’t forget that you may still order a DVD of our Christmas Program “Christmas on the Night Shift”. The cost is $15.00. Please make checks out to St. Gerard School. We will accept orders through next Wednesday, January 22nd.
Read 15 “Minute(s) to Win It”

Beginning this past Monday January 13th- Thursday, January 30th, students are invited to join in our contest to participate in our Catholic Schools Week “Minute To Win It” School Assembly. Similar to our pumpkin contest in October, students are welcome to fill out a “coupon” for every 15 minutes that they read. Once a parent has signed the coupons, students are asked to turn them in to the bins outside of the office. The more coupons in the grade level bins, the more chances to win! Students whose names are pulled from the bins will be able to participate in our Catholic Schools Week Assembly “Minute To Win It” on Friday, January 31st. All parents are welcome to join us! See next week’s flyer on Catholic Schools Week for further information. In the meantime have your students read 15 “Minute(s) to Win It”.
Are your child’s book covers falling off? Book covers are available to buy in the office for .50

Uniform Reminders

Part of the experience in attending a Catholic School is wearing a uniform. We try hard on our end to make sure that all of our students adhere to the uniform guidelines that we have in place. Please review friendly reminders:
*Make sure that shoes are a solid color *No colored t-shirts or those with lettering *Shirts must be tucked in should be worn under school shirts
Upcoming Events
Friday, 1/17: End of 2nd Quarter/Eligibility/No pm buses
Monday, 1/20: All School Peace and Justice Mass What’s Brewin’ in Parish Hall after Mass/No Waverly buses am & pm
Thursday, 1/23: Report cards go home
Friday, 1/24: Junior High Play at 8:45 am/12:45 pm/7:00 pm in Adult Ed Room
Sunday, 1/26: Spelling Bee at 1:00 in the Adult Ed Room
Monday, 1/27: Catholic Schools Week Starts!/3rd grade to the capitol
Tuesday, 1/28: 6th grade and Children’s Choir to the Cathedral for Diocesan Mass 7th grade retreat/DARE Graduation at 6:30 in Fr. Weber Hall
Wednesday, 1/29: Teacher Appreciation Luncheon/Teacher Switch Day
Thursday, 1/30: “Fun Day” for grades Pre-5th in the gym/6th grade fieldtrip to Summit Junior High fieldtrip to Royal Scot
Friday, 1/31: Closing of Catholic Schools Week All School Mass at 8:10 am/ Fr. Weber Award /Juice and donuts for students/School Open House and classroom visits from 9-11 am/Assembly
Sunday, 2/2: Choir at 9:00 Mass
Tuesday, 2/4: Accreditation Site Visit
Wednesday, 2/5: Accreditation Site Visit/2nd grade Parent Meeting at 9:00 am/7:00 pm All School Mass “Jesus Loves Me”
Monday, 2/10: Vision and Hearing Screening for Preschool
Tuesday, 2/11: Vision and Hearing Screening /PTO Meeting at 6:30 in the library
Wednesday, 2/12: Vision and Hearing Screening/ Pre-8th Conferences from 5:00-7:30 pm No Preschool Classes
Thursday, 2/13: Pre-8th Conferences from 7:30-10:00 am/No School Pre-8th
Friday, 2/14: No School Pre-8th
Monday, 2/17: No School Pre-8th/President’s Day
Tuesday, 2/18: Start ordering hot lunch today for March!
Thursday, 2/27: 4th grade Camp Parent Meeting at 6:30 pm in Fr. Weber Hall

Excerpt from “Love and Logic’s” Insider’s Club Newsletter by Jim Fay
Those of us who’ve been in education long enough to see the pendulum swing…six months or longer…have noticed that there’s always something “new” on the horizon, promising to elevate the scholastic bar…as well as the achievement of our nation’s youth.

After each “new” program, approach, or mandate, it seems that we remember…as King Solomon so aptly recognized…that there is nothing truly new under the sun.

Perhaps it’s time to get more focused on something really old: Love.

Of course, I’m not talking about romantic love. I’m not talking about wishy-washy-wimpy love. I’m talking about…

loving kids enough to provide warmth and empathy, regardless of how they act, how well they learn, or how bright they are…

loving kids enough to let them make affordable mistakes, rather than trying to micromanage them into success…

loving kids enough to place most of our emphasis on teaching character, compassion, and problem solving rather than teaching to the test…

loving kids enough to hold them accountable for their choices…

loving them enough to build them up in their areas of strength, so that they have the energy to face their areas of weakness.

It might not be a prayer, but somehow it should end with amen!

“The Night Shift Before Christmas”

A glimpse at our 2013 Christmas program: Two shepherds bowing in front of the baptismal font awaiting their cue to come on. Kindergarten under the direction of Mrs. Darling is barely seen off in the distance. A quiet moment...

A glimpse at our 2013 Christmas program: Two shepherds bowing in front of the baptismal font awaiting their cue to come on. Kindergarten under the direction of Mrs. Darling is barely seen off in the distance. A quiet moment…


November Newsletter

St. Gerard Catholic School


November 13, 2013

Thank you for supporting Pink Day! We will be sending Sparrow $749.02!

Pennies Really Did Come From Heaven! On behalf of the whole St. Gerard School family, I want to thank everyone that participated in our school’s 12th annual auction.  Truly the auction allows us an opportunity to see all of the “friends” of St. Gerard School. From parents, grandparents, extended family, friends, staff, teachers, priests, and deacons, almost 500 “friends” turned out to support our school. While this is a huge event in our school community, it is our only all school fundraiser. I can’t express the importance of this event and how crucial it is that we have continued support of all families. With that, I would ask that each of you prayerfully consider taking on a position of leadership in this endeavor. Past chairs of the auction plan to meet over the next week to discuss the feasibility of our future auctions. Please look for information to follow regarding our fundraising efforts for this event.  Thank you to Lynn Bloomer, Chris LaMacchia and their families for all of their hard work!

What’s For Lunch? The answer to this question has changed lately. You may have noticed that the lunch menu has some changes to it. Mrs. Costello and our lunchroom staff work hard to provide a healthy and satisfying lunch for our students. They also hope to add some fun to the lunch “hour”. As you look at December and January’s menu, you will come across a few days labeled “lucky tray day” or “theme days”. On these days students will receive a prize if they have the corresponding “lucky tray” or on theme days students will win prizes related to the theme of the day. Thank you Mrs. Costello for going the extra mile for our students. If your child forgets their lunch, please don’t bring them a lunch from a local fast food restaurant. This only reinforces not remembering in the future. The logical consequence to forgetting your lunch is a homemade pb&j or a cheese sandwich from our cafeteria. I’d forget my lunch too if I thought someone would bring me Taco Bell! Finally watch the dates for ordering hot lunch especially in November. Due to the placement of the window to sign up for hot lunch, you will be signing up for both December and January hot lunches in November.

Never a Dull Moment! If you were around school on Friday, November 1st, you were able to watch our students pray, serve, worship, and giggle. Our day started out at All Saints’ Day Mass where our students thanked God for the gift of saints in our lives both past and present! Directly after lunch we formed a human chain and passed 569 cereal boxes from the breezeway of our front entrance to a back room at the St. Vincent DePaul house. What a sight to see! The kindergarteners started the chain by passing each cereal box through all of our students’ hands. We found this to be a double blessing as many of our students and parents had no idea that the St. Vincent DePaul house was so close (and yet even passing cereal boxes…so far!). A special thank you goes out to our friends in Religious Education who joined us in collecting cereal boxes.

As the day progressed students were able to watch as Mr. Seth celebrated service with our first ever Duct Tape Party. Students had fun while fundraising for their school. Mr. Seth was such a trooper as he laughed right along with them. Finally the staff and students came together on the baseball field to watch as we dropped nearly 400 golf balls. Fr. John fished out the winning golf ball and proudly put it under lock and key in our special box. Secretly we think he sleeps with the box!  Between classroom projects, thumb prints for the kangaroo raffle, duct tape, and cheering the golf ball drop, our students play an important role in preparing our community for the auction. It is so much fun to watch it through their eyes!

Snow Day? In the event of inclement weather, we have a number of ways to communicate if we need to close school for the day. Please check the following places:

-WLNS           -St. Gerard School Webpage            -Message on the school phone

-WILX             -Homepage for Edline                      -Text, email, and/or voice message thru Edline*         (*Note: you need to be signed up for this service. If you are NOT signed up we will alert you at conference time)

Upcoming Events

Monday, 11/18:                                    Begin ordering hot lunch!

Saturday, 11/23:                Movie Night (grades 6-8) in the Youth Room sponsored by the Middle School                                                                Youth Group

Monday, 11/25:                                    Last day to order hot lunch!

Tuesday, 11/26:                                    All School Thanksgiving Mass at 8:10/No pm Waverly bus

Wednesday, 11/27:          No School/Child Care open

Tuesday, 12/3:                     School Reconciliation

Wednesday, 12/4:             School Reconciliation

Friday, 12/6:                         First Friday Adoration

Sunday, 12/8:                       Children’s Choir at 9 am

Thursday, 12/12:                All School Mass: Our Lady of Guadalupe at 8:10 am

Monday, 12/16:                                    Winter Band Concert for grades 5-8 at LCHS auditorium

Thursday, 12/19:                Preschool Christmas Program during the day in adult ed room                                                                                                K-8 Christmas Program in the church at 7:00 pm (doors open at 6:30)

Friday, 12/20:                      All School Advent Mass at 8:10 am/No pm Waverly bus



*Reminder: Our students will go outside as long as the wind chill is above zero. As the weather starts to get colder and colder, please send students with appropriate clothing for the weather. Love and Logic parents won’t fight this battle and they will only be cold one day…


October Newsletter

St. Gerard Catholic School


October 17, 2013

School directories are still available for purchase in the office if you forgot to pick one up open house night.

“This is a test of the St. Gerard Emergency System” On Tuesday, October 22nd  the school will run a test of our Edline Messaging System. We will run this in preparation for future snow days or situations that might require us to contact parents in a timely fashion. While we use this system quite frequently to send email messages, we will also be testing the voicemail and text messaging system. If you haven’t signed up for Edline, there is still time. Should you have any questions regarding this service, please contact our technology coordinator, Marcia Maiville.

Waverly Bus Guests The school was reminded this past week that students are not able to have guest riders on the Waverly School buses. This policy is in place for all of their buses as space is limited. Please make other arrangements ahead of time and send a note communicating any changes in future plans. There isn’t any thing worse than looking for a child after school.

Auction News-Pennies From Heaven The auction is such an important event for our school community. Other than the obvious help financially, I see this as such an important event for building community. Between planning, working together that night or just mingling with one another, this night is second to none. Its success depends on our students, parents, extended family and friends, as well as the priests, faculty and staff of our school. As a token of appreciation, those of you that have sent in a donation or have volunteered your time have been sent jeans day coupons for your students. We have also made every effort to make this an affordable event for all. In fact have you thought about inviting someone? Many thanks goes out to Lynn Bloomer and Chris LaMacchia for their dedication to the success of this event. Please note that it isn’t too late to donate. In fact make sure you turn your donation in by Friday, Nov. 1st in order to receive the jeans day coupon(s)! We certainly look forward to seeing all of you the night of November 9th!

Science & Math Elementary Exploration at LCC Looking for some fun, enrichment opportunities for your child? Saturday, November 12th from 8:30-12:00 (and it won’t interfere with the auction) Lansing Community College is offering a number of opportunities that would interest any child. The cost is $3.00 and information is available in the office and on line at www.lcc.edu/science/youth_programs/smee Some classes include botany, computer programming, dinosaurs, circuits, bridge building, leader dogs, rubber band catapult and veterinary technician just to name a few.

Boys’ Basketball to Start Up! It is time again for boys basketball season. Skills testing will take place on the 25th and 26th of October. Testing will start with the 5th grade at 6 pm and then the 6th grade next at 7:15 on 25th. Then on the 26th the 7th grade will start at 6 pm followed by the 8th grade at 7:15. All the forms that are needed for signup can be downloaded from the school website. Physicals need to be dated after April 15, 2011. Coaches are still needed. Please contact Pat Malacina at 517-230-7380 with any questions.

Younkers 8th Grade Fundraiser 

Upcoming Events

Thursday, Oct. 17th:            TRIP 101 in the school computer lab at 6:30 pm.

Friday, Oct. 18th:                 Hot Lunch Ordering Begins!

Sunday, Oct. 20th:               Girls’ Basketball Championship at LCHS

Wednesday, Oct. 23rd :       2nd grade parent reconciliation meetings in parish hall at                                                   9:00 am and 7 pm.

Thursday, Oct. 24th:            Band Costume Concert @LCHS

Friday, Oct. 25th:                 Last day to order hot lunch for November!                                                                            End of 1st quarter/JEANS DAY/Boys’ Skill Testing

Thursday, Oct. 31st:            Report card sent home

Friday, Nov. 1st:                   All Saints Day Mass @ 8:10 am/Duct Tape Party “for” Mr.                                                  Seth

Saturday, Nov. 9th:             12th Annual School Auction 6:00 pm at the Ramada Inn

Monday, Nov. 11th:              8th grade to visit LCHS

Tuesday, Nov. 12th:             Picture Retake Day

Wednesday, Nov. 13th:       Parent/Teacher Conferences 5-7:30 pm

Thursday, Nov. 14th:           Parent/Teacher Conferences 7:30-10 am/12-2:30/5-7:30 pm                                                            6th-8th students are expected to attend conferences~Child Care Open

Friday, Nov. 15th:                No School/Child Care open






Exercise US: A School That Exercises Together…

IMG_3459 IMG_3496

St. Gerard Catholic School: First Grade Actors!


First grade learned, rehearsed, and performed “What Does Pig Do”.  They were learning new sight words and reviewing words with short “i”.  They also were able to “add motions” to their acting and create “costumes”!  The kindergartners came to watch their final performance! The first graders were very brave with their first live performance!

September Newsletter

We are always taking box tops and Campbell soup labels!

Kick off the New School Year! This year we kicked off the new school year with our theme of compassion at our opening school Mass last Friday, September 6th. Students brought pieces of a puzzle forward during the procession that together created a picture of Jesus showing compassion. Fr. John challenged us to use compassion daily and even pointed out areas where we already have done this. The teachers and the school office all have jars to add prayers of compassion we will offer throughout the year. Please join us at home where you may make your own compassion jars and offer family prayers of your own. We are thrilled to have Religious Education working with us and plan to have some activities that the school and religious ed. students can work on together. Imagine what our school year can look like if it is full of compassion! Go to friendsofkenyanorphans.org  to see what happened when our school brought together gratitude (last year’s theme) and compassion (this year’s theme).

Hot Lunch News   Please be aware of the packaging in your child’s lunch. While our lunch people are more than happy to help out, we hate to have children waiting to eat their lunch simply because they can’t get it open. Also our menu for October is enclosed and available to order online September 18th-25th.

Auction News-Pennies from Heaven If you haven’t yet; please mark your calendars for our annual auction on Saturday, November 9th, at the Ramada. This event requires each family to volunteer their time, make a donation and/or attend the event itself. Many of our parents and extended friends of St. Gerard are involved in all three aspects. This fundraiser is only as successful as the number of people that are involved. Please join me in making this annual commitment to our school. Keep up on news from our Parent/Teacher Organization by “Liking” the St. Gerard PTO page, check out the auction website at stgerardlansingauction.org, and follow St. Gerard School on twitter @sgslansing to keep up with the latest news at our school!


*When the PTO Facebook page and/or the St. Gerard School Twitter feed gets 300 likes or followers, we will have a jeans day!  How fun will that be?!


Asbestos We are required by law to notify you annually that we keep a copy of our asbestos management plan on file in the school office. If you would like a copy of the plan, you are welcome to stop in and review it at any time.

“New” Website   While the address is the same; the site should look much different! Knowing we needed a new site and not really being able to afford the cost of a web designer, the school reached out to a parent with a strong background in technology and an alumni student that has been doing some work with technology. When the two came together, it seemed that we were finally heading somewhere. The website is far from complete in fact many people say a website is never complete but more like a fluid “document of sorts”. We know we needed to start somewhere! Some added features of our improved website include:

  • A calendar that pushes directly from Mrs. Piecuch’s phone to the website
  • Links that go directly to our Facebook (PTO and Preschool) page as well as our Twitter feed.
  • Newsletters posted and archived so that parents can always refer back to them.
  • A search button (it is the little things!)
  • A counter to see how much traffic the website is getting
  • Contact and curriculum information for each grade
  • Buttons for perspective and current parents
  • Link directly to the parish website
  • Links to our on line textbooks, TRIP, lunch program, Edline etc.
  • Pictures and timely information about the happenings at our school


Some hopes for the near future:

  • A visual art gallery on the web
  • More essential documents categorized and easy to find!
  • Provide language to move up on a Google school search
  • Interactive documents that can get sent directly to office.
  • Tutorial videos on how to navigate things like TRIP, hot lunch, Edline and yes, the car line!


Please feel free to let us know if you see anything with the website that needs “tweaking”. We are also open to any other ideas you might have that you would like to see on our website.

LCHS Community Information Day

Lansing Catholic High School will be hosting Community Information Day Sunday, October 20, 2013 from 1pm to 3pm. This event is open to families with children of all ages to learn more about what LCHS has to offer.  Families will be taken on a school tour, attend breakout sessions (on topics such as curriculum, financing a Catholic education, planning for college, and extracurricular and athletic activities), and attend a question and answer session.  Registration is not required, but is preferred for this event. Please contact Admissions Coordinator, Karen Gavin at karen.gavin@lansingcatholic.org or 267-2102 to register.



Upcoming Events:

Tuesday, Sept. 17th:               Preschool Parent Meeting at 6:30 in Fr. Weber Hall

Wednesday, Sept. 18th:         LCHS students to visit 6th-8th grade students from 12:30-                                                            1:30/Begin ordering hot lunch!

Thursday, Sept. 19th:             CPR Training in the Parish Hall will begin at 6 pm.

Monday, Sept. 23rd:               Confirmation at 7:00 pm in the church

Wednesday, Sept. 25th:         Last day to order hot lunch!

Tuesday, Oct. 1st:                   Junior High Field Trip to Art Prize

Wednesday, Oct. 2nd:             Ice Cream Social and Auction Donation Drop off in                                                                     Fr. Weber Hall from 6:30-8:00 pm.

Thursday, Oct. 3rd:                2nd grade to Country Mill from 8:30-12:00 (Bring sack lunch)

Tuesday, Oct. 8th:                  PTO Board Meeting at 6:30 pm. in the library

Wednesday, Oct. 9th:             School Pictures/Follow dress up guidelines.

Tuesday, Oct. 15th:                7th grade Vocations Day at the Cathedral

Wednesday, Oct. 16th:           Feast of St. Gerard All School Mass

Friday, October 18th:             5th grade to Greenfield Village from 8:30-4:00

What a Great Way to Start the Year!

Cassidy Johnson and Jacob Fischette put the finishing pieces together on the image of Jesus at our opening Mass.

Cassidy Johnson and Jacob Fischette put the finishing pieces together on the image of Jesus at our opening Mass.

Happy Birthday, Mary!

mary's birthday

St. Gerard First Graders Show Mary Her Birthday Cards!

To celebrate Mary’s birthday on September 8, the first graders at St. Gerard School made a birthday picture for Mary.  After the pictures were completed they took them to the Rosary Garden and stood in front of the Mary statue.  They proudly showed their pictures to Mary and then prayerfully sang “Happy Birthday” to her.  It was a special way to celebrate the Mother of God and her birthday.