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Eighth Grade

Eighth Grade


Mrs. Jennifer Sykes

Gr. 7 English & Theology
Gr. 8 Literature


Mrs. Jennifer Jowett

Gr. 7 Literature & Theology
Gr. 8 English


Mrs. Maria Wolfe

Gr. 7 & Gr. 8 Science
Gr. 8 Algebra



Mrs. Tara Guysky

Gr. 8 History & Theology
Gr. 7 Social Studies


Mrs. Angie Reed

Gr. 8 Algebra
Gr. 7 Math





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Morality and Confirmation are the two texts used in eighth grade theology. In the textbook Morality, students come to understand what we believe as Catholics and how to best live out these beliefs. The text Confirmation brings students to the preparation of the sacrament with a spirit of zeal, energy, and idealism. 8th graders are guided to meet the other expectations of the Diocese of Lansing for this Sacramental year as well.

Language Arts

English – Review of the principle parts of speech and sentence development occurs throughout the school year in preparation for the development of the expository composition with thesis statement. Students are given the opportunity to explore several genres of writing as well as pursue outside publishing opportunities. The year concludes with the writing and delivery of a personal experience speech. The eighth grade English text is Elements of Language.

Lit – Eighth grade also studies various aspects of literature through a variety of sources. Literature and Integrated Studies is the text that will be used. Novels and short stories will supplement the text as well as Vocabulary Workshop Level C.


This is a basic algebra course. Initially, variables and simple equations are reviewed. Good computational skills are vital. Number theory, although introduced previously, is an area of primary focus and is integrated throughout the course. Units explore rational numbers, formulas, complex equations, graphing, squares and square roots, polynomials, and the quadratic equation. The textbook used is Algebra 1.


This science is an integrated study of earth, life, and physical science. Students use scientific materials to develop and deepen their understanding of scientific concepts and processes. Both grades will also explore current scientific events.


Body systems, conservation, the nature of waves-light & sound, electricity and magnetism. Students demonstrate pitch and loudness with their own handmade instruments. Heart dissection and studying reproductive health systems help students make real connections to the miracle of life. –Text-Holt Sclera’ & Technology Integrated Science Level Blue 2008


History The textbook American Journey is co-authored by the National Geographic Society and offers a unique blend of scholarship and compelling imagery. The program helps the students see the relevance of history as they discover the context and connections between historical events ranging from Earliest Native Americans through Civil War and Reconstruction. They will gain an appreciation of the links between citizenship, economics, world history, and geography.

The end of the year trip to Washington, D.c. will bring the history they learn in the classroom to life.


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