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Seventh Grade

Seventh Grade


Mrs. Jennifer Sykes

Gr. 7 English & Theology
Gr. 8 Literature


Mrs. Jennifer Jowett

Gr. 7 Literature & Theology
Gr. 8 English


Mrs. Maria Wolfe

Gr. 7 & Gr. 8 Science
Gr. 8 Algebra



Mrs. Tara Guysky

Gr. 8 History & Theology
Gr. 7 Social Studies


Mrs. Angie Reed

Gr. 8 Algebra
Gr. 7 Math





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7th graders explore the text Finding God, Following Jesus. The theme centers around the life, values, and teachings of Jesus in an attempt to answer Jesus’ question, “And you? Who do you say I am?” The virtue of hope is emphasized through the study of the resurrection of Christ and His post-resurrection appearances. The curriculum also concerns itself with what may be the greatest challenge a student could ever meet as a Christian: living Christ’s law of love.

Language Arts

Lit – This class explores a variety of literary genres (short stories, plays, poetry) through discussions and debate. Vocabulary skills are built with the Vocabulary Workshop Level B book. The text is Literature and Integrated Studies.
English – This class progresses from a study of the parts of speech such as nouns, pronouns, verbs, and adverbs to paragraph and essay writing. Some diagramming is used to assist students in learning the parts of speech. The English text for seventh grade is Elements of Language.


Pre Algebra 7 Primary emphasis is placed upon computational skills (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) as related to whole numbers, decimals, fractions, and integers. Work with ratios, proportions, and percentages is explored at greater depth than in previous introductory studies. New concepts include graphing, square roots, and special properties of exponents. This course is designed to prepare students for algebra. The textbook is Middle School Mathematics, Course 3.


This science is an integrated study of earth, life, and physical science. Students use scientific materials to develop and deepen their understanding of scientific concepts and processes. Both grades will also explore current scientific events.


Cells and classification of kingdoms, changes in Earth, weather, and forces of motion. Students perform experiments and research inventions. Text- Holt Science & Technology Integrated Science

Social Studies

A study of the factors that contribute to what we call “civilization” is contained in the text Journey Across Time. This course seeks to help our students understand how ancient peoples and cultures made the history that still affects the world today.


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