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Mrs. Amy Brunette


Foundation Introducing and exploring art at the elementary and middle school level helps young minds expand their imaginations and creativity. Learning, applying, and experiencing the joy of art will build confidence and self-esteem, and cultivate self-expression.

Kindergarten through Grade 2

Art is used to improve hand/eye coordination as well as thinking skills for children at this level.


  • Introduce shapes, lines, and colors
  • Explore color/color wheel
  • Primary, secondary colors and mixing
  • Teach and explore different artists and styles
  • Introduce fundamental activities: drawing, coloring, cutting, gluing, and painting
  • Clay Construction – hand building pinch pots
  • Collage
  • 2D and 3D Compositions
  • Weaving

Third through Fifth Grade

Students will review famous and current artists and their techniques. They will be re-introduced to various art materials and mediums throughout the year.


  • Understand elements of Art and principles of design
  • Primary, Secondary, and Complementary Colors
  • Introduction to form, line, pattern, texture.
  • Drawing and painting in perspective
  • Pastel and colored pencil value and blending techniques
  • Still life portrait
  • Self-portrait
  • Collage
  • Origami
  • Clay Construction – hand building, coil building pinch pots
  • Print Making
  • Weaving
  • Wire Sculpture
  • Drawing, Sketching, shading and Value
  • 2D and 3D Compositions

Sixth through Eighth Grade

Students will explore contemporary artists and review renowned artists. They will learn multi-cultural art forms and their impact on contemporary art.


  • Reinforcement of various art techniques and mediums
  • Drawing, sketching, shading, and value
  • Landscape with perspective
  • Pastel drawing and still life painting and portraits
  • 3D Sculpture, collage, paper mache, mask making, clay
  • Animation

World of Art

Students in kindergarten through sixth grade participate in a special parent-led program called World of Art. Each year the focus is on a different artist so that students will come to recognize the artist, his/her style, and be able to relate what was happening in history during the artist’s life. Elements of art and principles of design are reinforced.

  • Kindergarten: Mary Cassat
  • First Grade: Leonardo da Vinci
  • Second Grade: George Seurat
  • Third Grade: Vincent VanGogh
  • Fourth Grade: Claude Monet
  • Fifth Grade: Georgia O’Keeffe
  • Sixth Grade: Pablo Picasso