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Mrs. Susan Smith

Max. Checkouts
Grade Books
K-1st 1
2nd 2
3rd 3
4th 4
5th 5
6th 5
7-8th 5+

All students in grades K – 6 attend library once per week for 45 minutes. Students in grades 7-8 must have one semester of library each year.

All students are taught library skills that are sequential as they progress through each grade. Students in grades K-6 also share a group book that integrates library skills and promotes the joy of reading.

Our St Gerard Library is fully automated using the Destiny database from Follett School Solutions. St. Gerard School also subscribes to TumbleBooks which is an online resource that shares books and games. We receive this service through Ingham ISD. The username for TumbleBooks is REMC13 and the password is LEARN13. Both parents and students can access this service from home or school.

Our school celebrates March is reading month in a variety of ways. Our Scholastic Book Fair is a highlight of this month.

Library Skills

Grades K-2

      • Library citizenship / taking care of books
      • Learning the library routine
      • Units chosen by theme
      • Enjoying quality literature (discuss story content)
      • Developing good listening skills
      • ABC order (how it is used in the library)
      • Key terms (author, illustrator, spine, table of contents, titlepage)
      • Choosing the right book
      • Different kinds of books (fiction, nonfiction)


Grade 3

      • Enjoying quality literature
      • Vocabulary Enrichment / Understanding (Is this the right book for me?)
      • Choosing a wide variety of books
      • Chapter books (discuss story content)
      • Good listening skills
      • Book Talks
      • Assist the librarian with book check in


Grade 4

      • Arranging fiction and nonfiction books
      • Using the dictionary
      • Using the encyclopedia
      • Book Talks throughout the year
      • Library assistants begin to check in class books independently
      • Enjoying chapter books (discuss story content)


Grade 5

      • Dewey Decimal System
      • Index
      • Glossary
      • Magazines (Periodicals)
      • Atlas
      • Book Talks
      • Enjoying appropriate novels (discuss story content)


Grade 6

      • Dewey Decimal System
      • Almanac
      • Timelines and Charts
      • Fact and Opinion
      • Prologue and Epilogue
      • Foreshadowing (novels)
      • Foreword and afterword
      • Character point of view
      • Book Talks
      • Reading novels (Study guides and quizzes)


Grade 7

      • Parts of a Book
      • Library Scavenger Hunt
      • Develop and use research skills using a variety of resources including online, books and periodicals
      • Avoiding plagiarism
      • Effective note taking
      • Caldecott Award Project
      • Authors and Titles
      • Testing Your Knowledge (review of skills)


Grade 8

      • Reference and Research
      • Genres of Literature
      • Develop and use research skills using a variety of resources including online, books and periodicals
      • Avoiding plagiarism
      • Prologue and Epilogue
      • Effective note taking
      • Newbery Award Project
      • Children’s literature awards
      • Library Skills Review