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3rd Graders Appreciate Fr. John!

Click on the image below to view how Mrs. Pritchard’s 3rd grade class is sending their thanks to Fr. John during Pastor Appreciation Month. “>

So Grateful!

The Thanksgiving Kindergarten Feast is a great reminder of the history of this great holiday. Today’s All School Mass was a wonderful lesson in being thankful for what we have and the blessings we have been given as students, teachers, parents, staff, priests etc. What a blessing it is to be a part of this …

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“We Believe”…in Fr. John!

October is Pastor Appreciation Month. This past week the whole school joined in signing a card and sending gratitude for all that Fr. John does for our students and our school. Fr. John provides Masses at our level, participates in prayer services, blesses crosses, role plays reconciliation, blesses us before trips and plays in crazy …

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