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In Gratitude for Ele’s Place!

Thank you Ele’s Place and Mr. Nester for a great program with some of our students. Loss and grief look and feel different for all of us. Thank you for creating a place where students can be with their grief and then begin to work through it. The beautiful thing at St. Gerard School is …

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Happy Birthday Mary!

On September 8th the 1st graders made pictures for Mary’s birthday. At the end of the day, Mrs. Iding’s class took the pictures to the Rosary Garden to help Mary celebrate her special day. They stopped by the statue of Mary, showed her the pictures and then sang “Happy Birthday” softly like a prayer. We …

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Fr. John and Fr. David Bless the 1st Grade Mass Crosses!

It’s become a very special tradition at St. Gerard School. The first graders wear crosses to mass and at the beginning of the year Fr. John comes to bless their mass crosses. These pictures show Fr. John and Fr. David blessing the crosses of the first grade class. The first graders gather in a prayer …

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Farm Bureau Essay Contest Winners!

Each year our 8th graders take part in Farm Bureau’s Essay Contest. This year the theme involved writing about a hero in their lives. Congratulations to Natalie Endres, Bri Haarer and Audrey Morris for placing in this year’s competition. Bri’s essay (pictured in the middle) will move on to the next level where she will …

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Fifth Graders Give Advent Calendars to Their First Grade Pen Pals!

The 5th graders and 1st graders at St. Gerard School are pen pals for the school year and do many things together. One of the special activities is the 5th graders make an Advent Calendar to help the 1st graders prepare for Christmas. These beautiful, detailed Advent Calendars have a window to open each day …

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4th Graders Study the Rosary…yum?!

Towards the end of their study of the rosary during the month of October, fourth graders were treated to just one more example of the rosary,and this one was different than any rosary they had ever had before! Students brought in cupcakes to put together the rosary.

October-Dedicated to the Holy Rosary

Did you know the month of October is dedicated to the Holy Rosary? Every year in celebration of Our Lady of the Rosary (October 7th) the 3rd grade students at St. Gerard School make their own rosaries. The beautiful colors and large size help in learning how to use the rosary and reflect on the …

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Christ Be Our Light-Our School’s Theme for 2014-15

This year our school will center our year around the theme, “Christ Be Our Light”. At our opening school Mass, each classroom brought forth their light and professed their plan to be the light of Christ for others. Fr. John challenged us to make good on our word. He went to great lengths talking to …

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“The Night Shift Before Christmas”


What a Great Way to Start the Year!