June Newsletter

  St. Gerard Catholic School


June 5, 2014

Summer Office Hours       The school office will be open during the summer. During June and August someone will be around in the mornings from at least 9:00-12:00. Many days we are here longer but give us a call ahead just to be sure. If you ever need to contact the school over the summer, either send an email or call the parish office and someone will get back with you.

*Don’t forget to pick up medication by Friday, June 20th. We are required to dispose of it at that time.

*Lost and found clothes that aren’t “found” by the end of the school year will be donated to SVdP.

*Stop in and check out the used uniform closet or after you clean out your closet drop some off!

Don’t Take a Vacation From Everything           Summer vacation is a great time to be with your family and take some much deserved time off. The stress of the schedule is somewhat gone and life seems a little bit easier. Life is good. There are a few things we ask the students not to take a vacation from and that is reading and math. Research is clear on the fact that students who take a true vacation from their studies will loose some of the ground that they made the previous year. We can’t risk this for our students!  This summer we are asking students in grades 4-8 to read a book of their choice and be ready to share with their class the first week of school. Please see supply list for recommended length. This isn’t meant to be anything more than an encouragement to read as well as an opportunity to have a choice in the selection. Students in grades K-3 received a packet to reinforce learning as well. Last year many of our families also used a program called GRASP. For a nominal fee, students in grades K-8 can sign up and are provided with up to nine weeks of lessons in math and/or reading. Students can earn certificates and medals depending on how much they accomplish. More information on this program is available at www.grpublicschools.org/grasp.  Finally keep praying! Prayer is a part of our daily life around here and one that is just part of the routine. Make prayer part of your family’s routine also if it isn’t already.

Calendar Information- In your summer mailing you will receive a detailed calendar for 2014-15 school year. A reminder regarding the following dates:

Christmas Break:        Dec. 22nd-Jan. 4th        Spring Break:  April 3rd-10th     Auction: November 15th

Staff News The Preschool is thrilled to announce that they have hired Betsy Nylander to teach the afternoon three year old class. Betsy holds a teaching certificate from Concordia University and several years experience as a classroom teacher. We are thrilled to have Betsy on board! Wendi Spagnuolo will join the three-year-old preschool in the morning as a classroom aide. Welcome Wendi!

Connie Schindewolf (school counselor) recently informed the staff that she would be leaving St. Gerard School in order to move closer to her daughter in Texas. We are so thankful for her service and dedication to our students and their families.

There have been many inquiries regarding our friend and colleague, Mrs. Endres and what next year will bring. As of right now, Lisa  will continue her medical routine. As she takes this next year off from first grade to continue her treatments, it is our hope and prayer that she is able to return as soon as she is able!

Used Uniform We currently have an abundance of Jr. High girls skirts, girls jumpers and boys pants in sizes from 4 – 38! An Open Used Uniform Closet Day is schedule for Monday, August 11th from 4:00-7:00 pm.  Parents may bring their child along for fittings.

Jr. High Girls Skirts  $8.00

Boys Pants $3.00

Girls Jumpers $8.00

Boys and Girls Shirts $2.00

Sweatshirts, Sweaters and Shorts too!


Summer TRIP Please mark your calendars with the following dates to drop off TRIP orders: June 16th, July 14th, and August 11th. Summer TRIP orders can be dropped off anytime in the school or parish office beforehand. Orders will be placed on Mondays and available for pick up that Friday. TRIP will be available in the school during office hours. After school office hours, TRIP can be picked up in the parish office.

Upcoming Events                                                                                                                                                        Friday, June 6th:            All School Mass @ 8:10/Dismiss @ 11:00

Monday, June 16th:     Vacation Bible School starts/Summer TRIP

Monday, July 14th:       Summer TRIP

Beginning of August:  School Summer Newsletter sent the first week in August/Girls’ Volleyball Grades                  5-8/Look for Registration information in summer newsletter and bulletin!

Monday, August 11th: Open Used Uniform Closet from 4:00-7:00 pm. Come on in and shop early!        Summer TRIP

Monday, Aug. 25th:     2014-15 Open House from 4:00-6:30

Tuesday, Aug. 26th:     First day of school for K-8

Tuesday, Sept.  2nd:     First day of preschool


Tackle Football Information

Grades 4 thru 8

Flag Football Information

                                                Kindergarten thru 3rd Grade                                                                          (Coaches needed for flag football- games and practices all on Monday nights)

*See website after June 15, 2014 for information, online registration, and new this year- online payment.


This past Tuesday our staff said goodbye to 49 wonderful 8th grade students. It is always a bittersweet evening from the standpoint of being thrilled for these young men and women as they close their St. Gerard chapter and look forward to high school while at the same time realizing a part of our community is leaving. Each year families that are graduating their last student from St. Gerard stand to be recognized, as they will be missed. We also have a few families that won’t be with us next year for a variety of reasons. Our St. Gerard School family has had the privilege of walking this journey with you. This journey is one we don’t take for granted. We thank all of our families for allowing us the opportunity to share the mission of the church with you and your family.

Go with God, (but come back this fall!)                      Shelly Piecuch